Pakistan is a cotton rich country and well known all over the world due to fine quality cotton production. The art of cotton growing and fabric making in Pakistan is as old as Indus civilization (5000 B.C.). When it comes to textiles, Pakistan no doubt becomes an obvious choice for the world market to buy textile products from here. Pakistan has following main advantages in the field of textiles.

Pakistan has good quality raw material available which is used in textile products. Pakistan is inherently a cotton country. The textile industry contributes almost 70% of the export earnings of Pakistan.

Pakistan has the most modern and up-to-date textile spinning, weaving, processing, finishing and stitching machines available mostly of European or US makes. Spinning mills are capable of producing top quality ring spun & open end yarn both in carded & combed cotton and blended yarn. This offers large versatility in textile products.

The labour cost in Pakistan is very competitive compared to many parts of the world. With textile being the backbone of our economy, the availability of skilled labour in textile is in abundance which provides Pakistan an edge over many countries.

Pakistani textile manufacturers has taken steps to become more socially & environmentally compliant, and live up to international quality. 

Realizing that textile is a major part of Pakistan's economy, the government of Pakistan has no choice but to keep the textile industry up to date and competitive by keeping low tax brackets for textile exporters for import of modern machines and materials.Due to the above factors, Pakistan offers large variety of quality textile products at competitive prices to the world market.